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Sessions are $175 per 60 minutes, and we meet weekly. I accept cash, check and card. Fees are adjusted occasionally, so you may be quoted a different amount on the phone. 


The amount you pay is not simply for one hour a week; the fee is commensurate with having a therapeutic container week-to-week and for my years of experience as well as ongoing training and consultations that keep me up to date in the field.

It may be well worth the investment to pause on other discretionary expenses for the time being, or use some of your savings if you have any, to pay for psychotherapy. 

sliding scale

Accessibility to quality psychotherapy, particularly for trauma, is important to me. If you are under-employed or would be compromising basic living expenses, I have a reserved portion of slots with no pre-determined low fee. I'll ask you to tell me what you can afford and I accept that amount however lowered without question until/if/when your circumstances change. All other slots are full fee or may be minimally lowered. All slots, including sliding scale, are subject to annual fee raises to keep up with inflation.


I am not paneled with any insurance companies. If your insurer covers out-of-network therapists, you'll need to pay me directly and I can provide you with a monthly "superbill" (invoice which requires a diagnosis) that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. It's best to call your insurance before we get started, and ask some questions:

  • Does my plan provide me with out-of-network reimbursement for psychotherapy?

  • Am I covered to see a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist?

  • Is there a deductible I need to meet before you will reimburse me?

  • Is there a limit to how many sessions will you cover?

  • How much of the fee will be reimbursed? (Note: If they cover a percentage of the "allowed fee," ask how much the allowed fee is, because it may be lower than my full fee. 

  • Do I need a mental health diagnosis on the statement I receive from my therapist? Do I need my birth date or any other of my identity information on the statement?

for a free 20 minute consultation,

call (510) 210-3984


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