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compassionate & informed 

therapy to safely release trauma

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My clients often feel surprised and relieved at how accessible, empowering, and transformative the healing process can be. Therapy does require your focus in and between sessions, and it may be a bumpy road, yet the capacity to heal is inherent, universal, intact and available right inside you. Underneath layers of protection, we are immensely self-regulating beings that know precisely what is needed. When accessing your inner guidance, releasing trauma can even feel effortless. Not easy, but effortless, because our innate healing capacity does not need thinking, fixing, or doing. Big feelings may happen, but what seemed too difficult or scary to deal with can feel possible when we are deeply witnessed without an agenda. It is a joy to witness and facilitate.

A sense of effortless is not a promise, or a bypass of the persistence that is needed to handle the complexity of the human experience; it's just what I have witnessed is the essence of the work. It's more of a getting out of your own way and allowing to happen what needs to happen. Sometimes it can take years for protections that we have built up to relax enough to approach the pain and trauma we hold in our mind and body. (Trauma is a person's response to any event they found to be physically or emotionally threatening or harmful.)

I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 2010 (and worked as an intern since 2006) and hold a Master's in Counseling Psychology. Experience in the room guides me more than theories. I am level 3 trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and primarily offer an integrative "parts work" approach that honors our protections and, with consent, accesses wounded parts (often inner children) that need unburdening. I blend in components of other modalities that clients may connect with.

I bring myself to the relationship in a way that honors your own wisdom. We will hold space for your inner life, but I also consider your contexts and external systems that impact you. By releasing traumas that are stored in your system, it is more possible to handle constraints and collective burdens from the outside world.

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